We need an alternative imagination of what it means to live, move, and have our being in the world.


Founded by Dan Dolquist, D.Min, Wild Village is a place where new visions, compelling dreams, and forming community comes into the world.


Our vision

Our vision is what we playfully call "rewilding," a way of living and moving in the world that is connected to our deepest wholeness.  Rewilding is a way of living in heartfelt connectedness to one another and in conversation with the wild and wondrous earth in which we live.  Our dream is the formation of an inclusive community of love, imagination, and joy that assists people through contemporary paths of visionary leadership, who in turn cultivate mature and wise elders who guide the development of healthy human cultures.


Our mission

Our mission is to explore the mystery of God and soul-rooted human development to inspire people toward love, leadership, imagination, and joyful community.


Our core values:

We enact our mission and vision through three simple core values centered around three innate "searches" inherent in all of us: 


We believe there is an innate human longing for authenticity.  Thomas Merton described this longing as the search for the "True Self."  We believe your soul has your unique "blueprint" or "image" that contains the reason why you are on this earth.  This blueprint is also called "True Self" and is who you are objectively in God--your innate dignity as created in the image of God and belovedness as sons and daughters of God.   To "be real" is to be your authentic True Self.


Richard Rohr once said, "Your single task in life is to overcome the illusion you are separated from God."  Everyone has an innate desire for community we call "the search for belonging."  Many times this search results in a sense of belonging by excluding others because of the race or sexual orientation.  At Wild Village, we cultivate inclusiveness and joyful community.  To "be connected" is to connect in community with others and with the earth community in which we are rooted. 

We primarily gather in two different ways.  First, we gather for a common, shared meal.  Second, we gather "council style" to listen deeply to one another.  "Council" is our small group system of primarily listening instead of fixing or advising or care taking.  The four intentions of council are to speak from the heart; to listen from the heart; to be lean of expression; and to be spontaneous in your expression.  We have found that this way of being together deepens us in our longing and experience of authenticity and develops a profound sense of belonging to one another.  


The adventure of loving and serving from the place of your "True Self" is one of the greatest of all adventures.  We have found this to be embodied in The Hero/Heroine's Journey where we are invited to leave home, go on a descent to soul as we wander and struggle to discover who we are, and return home with the self-knowledge of our True Selves as gifts to offer in love and service to our community.  We have found The Hero's Journey to be embodied in the life of Jesus of Nazareth and to "follow" him is to embark on the journey as he did.  In fact, not one time did Jesus ever say, "Worship me,"  but he did on numerous occasions say "follow me."  At Wild Village, we want to invite people on a faith journey,  the Hero's Journey of wisdom and maturity for the flow and transfer of the divine life.  We believe life is meant to be more dynamic, mysterious, and less exhausting that we are currently living!

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Dan Dolquist, Founder
BA., MDiv., Th.M., D.Minn


Dan Dolquist, Bio

Dan Dolquist has spent the last twenty-five years pastoring, leading  and  cultivating  organizations in spiritual growth and development. In addition to graduate degrees from Fuller and Princeton Seminaries, Dan did graduate work in Biblical Studies at the University of Edinburgh (New College).  His doctoral work was in the area of leadership at the University of Kansas and cultivating imagination at Fuller Theological Seminary.  His post-doctoral work was in the wisdom tradition of Christianity with Fr. Richard Rohr at the Center for Action and Contemplation. Dan completed a vision quest with the Animas Valley Institute in 2013 and a Men’s Rite of Passage in 2014.  He is the author of the 2014 book, “Being Here: Mindfulness and the Practice of Presence." Dan is also completing his certification as a nature-based professional human development guide (A Ph.DG?) with the Animas Valley Institute.