Influenced by Bill Plotkin’s “Wild Mind” and the work of the Animas Valley Institute, this rewilding weekend is an unforgettable experiential exploration of our innate human wholeness as created in the image of God and our connection with the natural world.

“Rewilding” is a deepening into the True Self, and an enlivening of our connection to the natural world that evokes our deepest authenticity and joy.  Rewilding is an awakening to our innate affinity to the natural world and finding our place in the more-than-human-community.

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In this weekend immersion you will DISCOVER:

  • A nature-based map of the human psyche and how to cultivate your innate wholeness and connection with the natural world

  • The strategies of the False Self

  • How to enter more deeply into the True Self

  • The “treasure in the field” of your untapped depth, potential, and authentic leadership


  • Solitary wanderings in the wild landscape of nearly 300 acres at Highlands Camp in Allenspark, Colorado.
  • Council and mirroring

  • Dream and journal work 

  • Revitalization and renewal

The Lodge at Highlands Camp, Allenspark, Colorado

The Lodge at Highlands Camp, Allenspark, Colorado


Highlands camp:    

Highlands Camp is located near the base of 13,911 foot Mount Meeker, the second highest peak in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Minutes away from Estes Park and 265,000 acres of Rocky Mountain National Park, Highlands features stunning sunsets and sudden weather changes.  We will be staying in and having our own space in Horse Lodge.

Cost and registration    $325.00

The Rewilding the Masculine Self Weekend Immersion is held in partnership with the Colorado chapter of Illuman.  Email for more information or go to and look under the "calendar" section to register online.